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At Womensport and Recreation Tasmania (WSRT) we are always looking for opportunities to promote, encourage, support, inspire and celebrate women and girls in sports and regular physical activity. We have recently held an inhouse strategic planning workshop to lay out our hopes, goals, and aspirations for the next 3 years. We looked at our vision - that female participation and contribution are equally valued in sport and recreation to the benefit of all Tasmanians, and our mission - to provide leadership, opportunities, and advocacy to progress females in all areas of sport and recreation in our great state.

Today was all about Women who embody this ethos. Women who inspire and fearlessly lead athletes as coaches that acknowledge and respond to the changing nature of sport with a holistic approach that integrates sport science, strength and conditioning, psychology, and empathy to increase athletic performance.

Congratulations to both Rachel Hosie and Anna Smee (Athletics) not only on having what it takes to be great coaches but having in their tool kit the skills to: write wonderful scholarship applications, be able to handle the pressure of an interview panel, and for being adept media legends. Today they were filmed by two television stations, answered numerous newspaper questions and recorded sound bites for the Tasmanian Institute of Sport Media Team.

So, acknowledging that this is a blog we're keen to tell you what made both women ‘media legends’ today and quality coaches. It was a simple question answered when they fronted up and saw the small but nevertheless intimidating media huddle. The question was “are you ready for this?” and both answered “yes, we’ve read the interview questions and practiced”.


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