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Get Active Program


Participants take part in a 10-week series of 2-hour workshops.  The first hour of which covers topics such as: motivation, stress management, self-esteem, nutrition and goal setting. The second hour is spent on fun physical activities identified by the group as being something 'Active' they would like to try.

Please find below a small sample of some of our past participants taking advantage of what was available in their local area:

Aqua Aerobics


Aqua Aerobics - Water Aerobics, Aquatic Fitness or Aquafit - is the performance of aerobic exercise in a swimming pool.

Performed almost vertically and without swimming in waist deep water, Aqua Aerobics is a form of resistance training. 

These group fitness classes are conducted to music with a trained facilitator. 

Aqua Aerobics focuses on cardiovascular training with the added bonus of water buoyancy and cushioning.


Exercising in water is also strength training orientated due to the resistance.

Nordic Walking


Nordic Walking is a form of fitness walking using specially design poles and a learned technique to produce a low impact, high results, total body workout.

The poles serve as a resistance exercise for the upper body; thus Nordic Walking increases cardio output, burns more calories and activates more muscles compared to normal walking.

Originating from Scandinavia and the sport of cross country skiing, Nordic Walking is rapidly becoming popular across the world and here in Australia.




The physical exercise gained from cycling is generally linked with increased health and well-being.


Bicycles are often used by people seeking to improve their fitness and cardiovascular health. 


Our workshops are organised around the overall fitness levels of each specific group.




Dance programs are always popular GAP workshops - in the past we have run classes in Hip Hop, Ballroom Dancing, Line Dancing and even Belly Dancing.


Dance has both physical and mental health benfits - it's also great exercise and a fun way to keep fit.


Dancing helps with balance and co-ordination, it increases aerobic fitness and endurance while improving muscle tone and strength.



The health benefits of yoga are both mental and physical.


Physical benefits are evident in improved flexibilty, increased strength and muscle tone and balance. Benefits of yoga has also been associated with joint health, pain prevention and better breathing.


The mental benefits are mental calmness, stress reduction and body awareness. 



Swimming is one of the most popular sports in Australia - it is a great recreational activity for people of all ages.


As well as being fun, swimming is a great way to keep fit, stay healthy and make friends.


Swimming is a low impact healthy activity that you can continue throught your lifetime.


Swimming is also a great way to relax and wash away the stresses of everyday life.



Boxercise is an exercise class based on the training concepts that boxers use to keep fit.


Classes can take a variety of formats including shadow boxing skipping, hitting pads, kicking punch bags, press ups and sit ups.


Classes are aimed at both men and women of all ages and fitness standards.


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