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Strong Mind | Strong Body

The Strong Mind | Strong Body program is an Aboriginal women’s health program that combines Karate self-defence classes and workshops. It is managed by Womensport and Recreation Tasmania Inc. and is run in partnership with Aboriginal Sport & Recreation, the Australian Karate Federation of Tasmania, and local Aboriginal community groups.

Participants take part in a 6-week series of 1-hour workshops.  The first 20-minutes of which covers a weekly topic such as: goal setting, respectful relationships, self-esteem, challenging negative thinking, positive self-talk, motivation, gender equality & your voice, cultural inclusiveness, health & wellbeing, nutrition, hydration, and stress-management. The last 40-minutes is spent participating in a self-defence class.

Please find below a sample of our program:

Leprena - Glenorchy

Tameeka and Ayla trained as facilitators October 2018


self-defence pic.jpg
  • goal setting

  • respectful relationships

  • self-esteem

    • challenging negative thinking

    • positive self-talk

  • motivation

  • gender equality & your voice

  • cultural inclusiveness

  • health & wellbeing

    • nutrition

    • hydration

  • stress-management

Leprena - Glenorchy

Leprena - UAICC Tas 
280 Main Rd, Glenorchy 7010

Karate self-defence
  • learn to take care of yourself, and stay safe

  • understand how to focus on your personal protection and surroundings

  • boost your confidence

  • learn new skills

  • put a plan in place to deal with tough situations

  • exercise and get fit and healthy

  • sharpen reflexes, improve balance, and body control

  • meet other people and get out of the house

  • have fun!

Australian Karate Federation of Tasmania

The Australian Karate Federation is the national governing body of karate in Australia recognised and endorsed by the federal government, the Australian Olympic Committee and the Australian Sports Commission. 

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