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Womensport & Recreation Tasmania Inc. (WSRT) is a dynamic group dedicated to improving opportunities in sport and regular physical activity for women and girls.


In Australia there are only half as many women as men taking part in regular sporting activity. Womensport & Recreation Tasmania believes it is important to address this imbalance and enable
and encourage women to become involved in regular physical activities.


It is Womensport & Recreation Tasmania's mission to promote, encourage, support, inspire and celebrate regular physical activity for women and girls and to provide a representative voice
influencing effective public policy in Tasmania. 

Welcome to Womensport & Recreation Tasmania

Get Active Program

The Get Active Program (GAP) is the

flagship program for Womensport & Recreation Tasmania.


It is a statewide initiative that aims to enhance the health ans wellbeing of women and men through involvement in physical activity, and to encourage healthy eating habits. 


GAP is delivered in partnership with many organisations across Tasmania.


Get Motivated

Getting started and staying motivated is sometimes the hardest part of embarking on a fitness routine.


Our facilitators are trained to help you overcome the most common obstacles that stand between you and a fit and healthy lifestyle.


Our classes are designed to help you develop both physical and mental wellbeing by helping you deal with issues that effect men and women in today's society. 

Get Involved

Getting involved in a fitness regime is the best
way of improving health.


The connection between physical and mental health is widely reported.


Physical exercise aids self confidence, increases your enery and improves your attitude towards life.


The best way to get involved is to exercise with
a friend.

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