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Womensport & Recreation Tasmania Inc. (WSRT) is a dynamic group dedicated to improving opportunities in sport and regular physical activity for women and girls.

In Australia, there are only half as many women as men taking part in regular sporting activity.


Womensport & Recreation Tasmania believes it is important to address this imbalance and enable and encourage women to become involved in regular physical activities.


Womensport & Recreation Tasmania Incorporated is a group of concerned individuals and organisations with a broad range of interests in women's sport and recreation issues.


Members include people interested in sports administration, coaching, officiating, participation, education, recreation and leisure.

  • Promote, support and enable women and girls to enjoy the benefits of regular participation in physical activity.

  • Celebrate and support the achievements of women and girls in the areas of sport and recreation.

  • Reduce barriers to participating in physical activity through education.

  • Increase community recognition of women’s sport and recreation.

  • Promote opportunities for all women and girls to participate in physical activity.

  • Provide leadership training opportunities for women and girls.

  • To promote media coverage of women in sport.

  • Increase the profile of both women and girls engaged in physical activity and the benefits of regular participation.

  • To encourage all women and girls to participate in physical activity.


To promote, encourage, support, inspire, facilitate and celebrate regular physical activity for women and girls and to provide a representative voice influencing effective public policy in Tasmania.

  • An organisation representing the interests of women and girls in sport and physical recreation activities.

  • Access to a network for mentoring, information and sharing, education, training and opinions.

  • Access to state issues and activities relating to women and sport and recreation.

  • Direct input into facilitating change and increased opportunities for women and girls.

  • Opportunities for promoting specific skills and expertise.

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