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Statistics tell us that not enough Australian women and girls participate in sport or active recreation – we’d like to change that. 


What is Motivation: 


Motivation is the desire to do something.  It is how willing you are to try and how long you will persist in trying. The key factor in sustaining an active lifestyle is motivation. 


Motivation is essential to your performance or behaviour, and has two sources - internal and external.   


Internal motivation is where people seek a sense of personal competence and self-mastery with the challenges coming from within.  In contrast, external motivation relies on reinforcement from outside the person in the form of rewards or social sources. 


Generally, internal motivation tends to be a more enduring and consistent source of motivation because it is self-fuelling, but the use of external rewards can help develop internal motivation.


Positive self-talk are the habitual things we say to ourselves that reflects the way we think about ourselves.  


Negative self-talk limits our opportunities by convincing ourselves that we can’t do something; for example, ‘I’m too stupid’, I’m too old,
I’m to overweight.  


Negative self-talk lowers self-esteem. and it’s a hard habit to break.  We all need to work on it directly by changing the negatives into positives. 


“I think I can, I think I can… We know you can!"


Replace unrealistic images with achievable goals.  


With so much pressure on body image it can be an unrealistic goal to plan to lose a lot of weight or regain your fitness level in a short time frame.  


By setting realistic and achievable personal goals you are setting yourself up to succeed.

Aiming for a healthy body and mind at any stage of your life is a positive lifestyle choice.  


Making good decisions about the food you eat and the types of exercise you do maximize your total health benefits.  


It’s never too late to change your lifestyle.


Believe in the person you want to become.





Do not let age or disability deter you from increasing your physical and mental fitness.


Our facilitators are trained to work with clients across all ages and disabilities so they can get the most out of our sessions and work within your comfort range. 


Remember that the motivational process is dynamic, so you will need different strategies at different stages.


Use what works best
for you. 


The key is to enjoy your food and being active - the more fun you have the more likely you are to keep
coming back for more


Face up to your fears -
fear of failure can kill

motivation when you

face up to your fears

you can even surprise


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