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Womensport & Recreation Tasmania Inc. (WSRT) is a dynamic group dedicated to improving opportunities in sport and regular physical activity for women and girls.

It is Womensport & Recreation Tasmania's mission to promote, encourage, support, inspire and celebrate regular physical activity for women and girls and to provide a representative voice influencing effective public policy in Tasmania. 

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Join us in taking the Gender Equity Pledge with Women Sport Australia

"We are taking affirmative action to create equity for girls and women in sport until we reach the point where this is a given rather than a goal."

Women in Sport Coaching Scholarship

The Women in Sport Coaching Scholarship (WCS) is a partnership between Womensport & Recreation Tasmania Inc. and Tasmanian Institute of Sport aimed at providing quality coaching and learning opportunities to women and increasing the number of female coaches in Tasmania.

The WCS will target individuals who might not otherwise be able to access high quality coach education and development opportunities through financial constraints or who are from rural communities.

The WCS provides not just financial but also mentoring support to the successful applicant by providing them with the opportunity to gain valuable national experience whilst expanding their knowledge and skills through hands-on coaching, education and development opportunities.

For more information on the scholarship click here

2023-24 Women in Sport Coaching Scholarship Recipients
2023-24 TIS Coaching Centre Scholarships announcement.jpg

Pictured from left: Leez Robertson (WSRT Program Manager) Ilene Carr (TIS High Performance Manager) Anna Smee (TCC scholarship winner - athletics) Rachel Hosie (WCS/TCC scholarship winner - athletics) Nic Street (Minister for Sport and Recreation) 

Congratulations to all recipients of the 2023-24 TIS Coaching Centre (TCC) Scholarships.

Women in Sport Scholarships (WCS) have been awarded to:
Chelsea Wing, Launceston (football)
Rachael Hosie, Hobart (athletics)
Deb Reynolds, Launceston (Australian Rules Football)

With TCC Scholarships provided to:
Anna Smee, Hobart (athletics)
Jo McFarlane, Launceston (equestrian)
Libby Monks, Hobart (hockey)
Phil McCulloch, Ulverstone (Australian Rules Football)

Each of the WCS coaches receive $5,000 as part of the partnership between Womensport and Recreation Tasmania Inc and the Tasmanian Institute of Sport.

All seven coaches from across Tasmania will participate in an intensive development program to build up their skills and prepare them for a life in professional coaching.

For more information visit the TIS Coaching Centre by clicking here

Girls in Action Sports Project (GASP)

August 2021

The GASP was designed to better understand the enablers and barriers for girls in three male-dominated action sports – mountain biking, skateboarding and surfing. It builds on from a 2018-19 project, an interview study with Tasmanian girls engaged in any of the three aforementioned action sports. Girls are less physically active than boys (a pattern that continues across the life-course) so finding ways to engage, re-engage and retain girls’ engagement in physical activity is important for individual and societal level benefit.

The GASP captured the perspectives of young people who used to, wanted to or were participating in either mountain biking, skateboarding or surfing; parents/carers of young action sport participants or enthusiasts; and adults who had administrative, coaching or officiating/event coordinating roles in any of these three sports.

GASP Study Key Findings

GASP Final Report

GASP Video

Menzies Blog

GASP was designed to better understand the enablers and barriers to girls engaging in male dominated action sports (mountain biking, skateboarding and surfing) with a view to providing more opportunities for girls to be physically active. Capturing perspectives of young people, parents and adult stakeholders (e.g. board/committee members, CEOs, coaches, officials), along with a policy review and collation of membership data, GASP has provided novel and rich information to help more girls get involved in these and possibly other sports.

Womensport & Recreation Tasmania Inc.

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